About Pachaterrae

Our Services

Pachaterrae is an Alberta research company that provides soil health services directly to the producer. Our main services are:

  • Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Measurement: Large scale scientific measurement of SOC in the producer’s soil.  We are launching the largest ranch- and pastureland SOC measurement project ever, in 2019.

  • Nutrient and Biome Analysis: Measurement of nutrient levels, soil biology and the relationships to SOC.

  • Research and Consultation: We conduct research with the large scale data and interpret our findings as they relate to land management practices.

  • Information Management Tools: The research and analysis are delivered at farm scale to you as a functional management tool, and can be updated regularly. 

  • Carbon Offset Aggregation: We are developing carbon offset protocols that will allow producers on both ranchland and farmland to generate and sell offsets, and will aggregate the carbon offsets on their behalf.


Our Unique Approach


Pachaterrae’s approach and services are unique in a few ways:


  • Collaboration: Because soil health is very important to everyone, we believe in broad collaboration with all stakeholders including the producer, industry associations, government and research institutions.  Through ongoing consultation we have already secured resounding support of many different experts, policy makers and associations.

  • Holistic Land Management:  Our research and service do not focus on one aspect or management practice only.  Although we work primarily with SOC as the key indicator, we look holistically at its relation to all relevant factors, including nutrition, biology and all management practices.

  • Grassroots: It is important to maintain regular communication with the producer as our main customer, not only to distribute new scientific findings, but also to hear what questions and needs you have.

  • Science, Measurement and Research: We base our service on actual measurement, the latest science and research available.  In many cases, we will do the research ourselves.  For example, we plan to use actual measurement based offset protocols rather than purely model based ones.

  • Aggregation is a function of our Soil Health Service, and not the other way around.  Although aggregation is a very important part of our business model, we are not only an aggregator.  Our primary service is to help producers restore soil health, and the offsets generated from that is a welcome benefit.

  • Land Practice Agnostic: Because the offset protocols we are developing will rely on actual measurement of SOC, the offsets will not be dependent on any single practice, as is the case for example with the “no till” offset protocol.  This will allow us to give direct and scientific feedback to the producer on the success of your SOC accrual, and will be able to correlate this to a multitude of management practices.

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Pachaterrae is leading a large scale carbon baselining project. Reach out to us for more information on how to register your land as part of the project.