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Pachaterrae In The News

770 CHQR Radio

February 8,  2019

Listen to Danielle Smith's interview with CEO Kimberly Cornish and lead scientist Dr. Kris Nichols as they talk about measuring and mapping soil organic carbon sequestration



Winter 2019

Pachaterrae is mentioned on page 12 - Turning to microbiology to restore healthy pasture lands

Western Producer

March 22, 2018

Carbon credit scheme proposed for forages: partnership with Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Manitoba Cooperator

Feb 26, 2009

Pachaterrae lead scientist Dr. Kris Nichols: Universe in a clump of dirt. 

Other News 

Australia issues worlds first carbon credits for sequestering soil carbon March 2019

This is an important milestone in the transition of agriculture from a source of GHG to significant carbon sink.

Organic Production an Economic Winner

Manitoba Co-operator: February, 2019

Latest cost-of-production estimates paint a picture of resilience

Global Planetary Health Diet

EAT-Lancet Commission brief

for Farmers: Jan 2019

Specific actions farmers can take to contribute to the Great Food Transformation

Regenerative Agriculture Creates Sprawling Road Map

Manitoba Cooperator:

Jan 3, 2019

Farmers may choose from a wide range of sectors and practices

Cool the Planet

Guardian: Sept 10, 2018

Studies suggest that regenerating soil holds the key to tackling climate change

Soil Health Key

Western Producer:  Dec 13 2018

Ty and Janice Shelton from Sand Springs Ranch in Northern Alberta turned once sandy soils into something rich and fertile

Carbon Study

 National Post: Sept 21, 2018

Why a new study will transform the debate over the Liberal carbon tax plan

Carbon Tax

National Post: Aug 2, 2018

Understanding federal changes to carbon tax plan



Ag Funder: June 21, 2018

Farm bill incentives  to build soil health, sequester carbon

Forage Research

Alberta Farmer: Nov 13, 2014 Long-term investment  needed for forage research

Let's Get The Facts Straight about Livestock's Carbon Footprint

AgFunder: March 2019

It's a complex issue, and production practices are key

Green New Deal in US wants to use farmers to save the world

Eater: February, 2019

Proposed new legislation aims to turn US agriculture into a positive force for climate change and social justice

Feast or Famine: Impacts of Climate Change and Carbon Pricing on Agriculture

Senate Committee Report: 

Dec, 2018

100% Organic

WE Economic Forum:

Oct 12, 2018

Sikkim, India's first fully organic state wins top UN-backed award helping 66,000+ farmers

Feed the World

Scientific American:

July 16, 2018

To feed the world sustainably, repair the soil

Soil in Crisis

Alberta Farmer: Dec 18, 2018

Canada's soil is in crisis - and change is needed. Advocate says agronomy has "masked" soil degradation, but the crunch is coming

Carbon Rebates

CBC: Sept 21, 2018

Canadians in provinces with federal carbon tax get more in rebates than they pay in tax



Climate & Capitalism: July 14, 2018  Exposing 3 myths that hinder the ag revolution

Carbon Pricing

Govt of Canada: May 28, 2018

Compliance options under federal output-based system

Organic Farming Wins Performance Comparison

Organic-Market Info: Jan 2019

22 scientists evaluated 528 studies. Results are clear, organic farming leads in 5 out of 7 areas, including climate protection and emissions

Carbon Farming Connects Young Women to Agriculture

OCA: February, 2019

A new generation of carbon farmers

Drought, Soil Health and Climate Change

Science Daily: Nov 30, 2018

How 18 years of drought affect soil bacteria and how extreme weather determines how soils respond to future climate change

Soil Minerals

Science News: Jan 2, 2019

Global-scale evaluation of role of soil minerals in carbon storage - University of California

Climate Guide

OFRF: Dec 4, 2018

New climate guide evaluates best  organic practices in curbing climate change


Ducks Unlimited: Nov 29, 2018

Redvers ranchers, Blain & Naomi  Hjertaas earn stewardship award thanks to holistic management

$21m Impact

Ag Funder: Sept 19, 2018

Farmland investment fund quantifies impact of regenerative practices


Govt of Canada: July 27, 2018

Technical backgrounder on output-based pricing system

Soil brings rain

Beef Producer: Jan 18, 2017

More soil organic matter makes more rain

Organic Practices for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Carbon Sequestration

OFRF: December 2018

Research shows that building soil health through sustainable organic management can mitigate GHG and lessen impacts of climate change

Regenerative Agriculture Playlist

Check out this YouTube Channel full of videos focused on soil improvement and mitigating climate change

Why This Farmer Wants To Go Beyond Organic

Forbes: Oct 12, 2018

Minnesota farmer using regenerative agriculture to transform the food system.

Cows and Climate

JSTOR Daily: Dec 19, 2018

Cows help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon and boosting biodiversity

Soil Carbon

OrganicBiz: Nov 9, 2018

More carbon entering your soil than leaving,  means your children will likely farm 


Ag Funder: June 21, 2018

Farm bill incentives  to build soil health, sequester carbon

Carbon Pollution

National Observer Sept 10, 2018

Canada's carbon pollution dropped in 2016 as economy grew

Grasslands More Reliable Carbon Sink Than Trees

Science&Climate: July 9, 2018

Increased drought and wildfire risk make grasslands more reliable carbon sinks than trees

Climate Change Solution

Beneath our Feet

Science&Climate: May 15, 2017

Rangelands can potentially sequester the carbon emitted from 70 million cars

driven for a year.

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Pachaterrae is leading a large scale carbon baselining project. Reach out to us for more information on how to register your land as part of the project.